Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Late T1D Sibling Day Post

This post is to honor and acknowledge C. 

C is one of the most incredible humans I have ever had the privilege to love. He is probably the most simply complicated person I have ever met, and it is amazing to be his mother.  

He is 12, 15 months younger than his older brother and 7 years older than his sister. He is passionate about reading, and football and is a second degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate. He is the one kid in his class that ALWAYS has the right answer and is referred to as the "go to guy" by his teacher.  He remembers facts and trivia after reading it once, he has a thirst for knowledge and loves to learn anything that he is interested in. In a room full of people presented with a problem, C is the guy who provides the solution that leaves everyone thinking, "Why didn't I think of that?" His brain works different from anyone I know and he uses his gift beautifully.  C is the only twelve year old I know that can go to the de Young Museum in San Fransisco and stand before the painting of Orpheus's head on a lyre by Gustave Moreau  and then proceed to explain the mythological tale portrayed in the painting in front of twenty five people, including the Docent from the museum. 

He rounded out that day with a game of flag football and karate that evening. 

I have watched him play with the kid no one wants to play with and stand up for what he knows is right, even when it wasn't the popular thing to do. His sense of right and wrong is black and white and rigid. His stubbornness is admirable, and (ahem!) challenging (for the record, he comes by this trait honestly, he comes from a LONG line of pure stubborn. I think it manifested brilliantly in C). He is a hard, diligent worker when he commits himself. He is a perfectionist and his own worst critic. He is a terrible secret keeper, incredibly honest and has a wicked sense of comedic timing that can make laugh until you cry.

But where C really shines is in being a brother. I remember when he found out we were expecting and he was so thrilled. (T was worried about changing diapers!) He wanted to be a big brother so badly. Of course, he wanted a boy. I still laugh when L was born a girl. He said "Well, I will love her, but I'm not sure I will like her." I thought that was so profound and honest for a six year old. Watching him read her a bedtime story, play cars with her and teach her to throw a football makes me misty eyed every time.

      When T was diagnosed it was C who was there for L that first scary night, when Sam and I had to be with T and the kids were welcomed to our awesome, amazing neighbors to stay the night until my parents could arrive from WA state. And it was C who stepped in and helped Grandma and Grandpa keep the house running smoothly through the hospitalization. C took T's diagnosis seriously and understood from the start that our life had changed. He asked intelligent questions and was eager to learn. It has not been easy for him. There is no doubt that T1D takes up our time, our energy and our focus. It has taken attention away from him that he deserved to have. He doesn't complain when I come into the room that he shares with his brother several times a night trying not to disturb his sleep. Or when Dr. appointments and hospital stays interfere with our family. Or when wacky blood sugars or migraines change our plans. He has learned to check blood sugars, how to recognize and treat a low blood sugar and when to get help. C learned to draw up insulin when T was doing injections and now he helps get set change supplies together. L was with C when she had her first low blood sugar. (None of us knew at the time that's was what was happening)  He came into the house from playing outside and told me that there was something wrong with her and that he didn't know what to do. Now he keeps an eye on her too. 

     While he is grown up and mature in so many ways, C is wise enough to enjoy and appreciate being a kid. One of my favorite sounds on this Earth is his giggle. He works hard and PLAYS hard. One of the many reasons I love and admire him so much. I am so grateful he picked our family. We love you C, thanks for being YOU!!!


  1. Thank you for sharing him...he is delightful. I find all of his qualities admirable. Being the parent of a stubborn child, I know the difficulties and the gifts that are part of that. It will serve him well in the long run.

    YAY for C.

    Love ya girl,

  2. He sounds like a wonderful child... you have been blessed! It has been so much fun learning about all the siblings in the DOC... thanks for sharing!

  3. He sounds wonderful -thank you for sharing him with the DOC. It's been so fun meeting all of the sibs!

  4. I think you forgot to mention his good looks too. :) Or did I miss that part?

    He is amazing. Much like his family! Man...seriously though...I can't wait to see what he has in store for the future! What an awesome kid!


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