Monday, March 7, 2011

2011 DiabetesMine Technology Challenge Contest Video featuring none other than...

Dealing with diabetes is like having a life dependent, full time job. Every activity, every meal, everything has to be planned and prepared for. Glucose meters, test strips, insulin, syringes, needles, pumps, glucose tabs, infusion set supplies, carb counting tools, the list goes on and on. While technology has come so far in helping people live with diabetes, there is so much room for improvement. Do you have an idea, that you think could help people make living with diabetes easier? Here is your chance to make a difference in the lives of the millions of people coping with diabetes. The 2011 DiabetesMine Technology Challenge is an online contest that is open to anyone to help foster creative new design ideas to make living with diabetes easier. It is unlike any other contest- it is open to engineers, people with Type 1 or 2 diabetes, caregivers, parents, children-anyone with an idea can enter. Besides the best prize of making a difference in the lives of millions-is the cash! Watch the video for details!!

Last year, the DiabetesMine Technology Contest was announced just weeks after T was diagnosed. We knew about it through Amy Tendrerich's blog at DiabetesMine. T had some ideas, but he was still recovering from diagnosis and was busy preparing for his hospitalization for the clinical trial and he wasn't able to make an entry. This year, when I got an email from the awesome Kathleen Fraser at the University of California San Francisco Diabetes Center about a possible video shoot for T about diabetes technology, I knew that he would be interested. When I found out it was the DiabetesMine Technology Video shoot, I knew it was meant to be. T was excited to support a cause he really believes in.

Please share this video with everyone you know- the more ideas, the more innovation, the more technology, the better! No idea is too big or too small. For entry details and contest rules click here:

To help share and spread the word click here:

Special thanks to Amy Tenderich at DiabetesMine and the California HealthCare Foundation for providing such an amazing opportunity. Good luck and happy innovating!!


  1. this is great, we will have to get our thinking caps on :) and wonderful video!! great job T :)

  2. What a handsome boy he is!! He did such a great job! I can just imagine all the wonderful ideas he has swimming up there in his genius brain. :)

  3. Made me smile! And looks like fun!


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